How Much Does a Log Weigh?

I recently had a call from a customer who was wondering how much logs weigh, especially since the lifting weight for the M7 sawmill is 1100 lbs.  So, what size log can you lift on the M7?  I went down to the local log yard, got a chainsaw, and commenced to cutting logs to length and putting them on the scale with a forklift to find out how much logs weigh.  Not really!!! It is way too hot for that here.  But, I did do some research, and developed a spreadsheet based on what I found to calculate log weights for standard length logs.  This is based on the formula for the volume of a cylinder: V = pi*r^2*h.  I assumed that the diameter at the mid section of a log would be the average diameter for the log.  I found a species chart for weights of woods online at: and I used this to determine average weight per cubic foot for oak and pine.  

I developed two charts for log weights.  These will give you an approximate idea of the weight of various length logs you are cutting on the mill.  If nothing else, it will give you a respect for the amount of wood you are dealing with and how much weight you will handle in a day of milling on the sawmill.  (Be careful or you will be humming Tennessee Ernie Ford's "I load Sixteen Tons and What'ya Get" in your head all day)


  The line across the top is log length.  Here is the pine chart:


Now, see how much weight you have been handling on the mill?  No wonder those biceps are bulging!