Professional after the storm

25 March 2011 kl 09:28

When a winter storm flattened several years’ worth of felling in the forests the portable sawmill was not enough by a long way. Janne Hellgren purchased a larger band sawmill and a timber kiln. This was also the start of the professionalisation of the business.

The large timber kiln.
The recipes for all the moldings and panels are printed on the test pieces. The range has become very large.

“It is the planer that creates added value from the farm’s own forest,” says Janne Hellgren. To the right is Kent Lindh, who is employed by Janne.

Janne Hellgren worked for many years for in South Africa. But when the opportunity arose to purchase a family farm in Sweden, the family moved back home. Janne bought a portable sawmill, carried out sawing at home on the farm and drove around with the sawmill on the roof to saw for others.

Winter storm
However, the major boost for Janne came in 2005, when a winter storm flattened several years’ worth of felling in the forests. The Logosol sawmill M7 was not enough by a long way, and Janne purchased a larger band sawmill.
This was also the start of the professionalisation of the business, from a sideline alongside forestry to a real company.

Large timber kiln
The next investment was a large timber kiln, with a carriage on rails for the timber. This was his own design, although it appears as though Janne took his inspiration from large-scale sawmills before he began to build. The kiln means that the business is not dependent on the weather or the season. It is always possible to produce the right timber of the right quality from his own forest.

Mixed user with an employee
Today the company also has an employee in the shape of Kent Lindh, who is both involved in timber processing and works out in the forest, for example carrying out planting.
“This is the best job in the world, with freedom and a lot of fresh air,” says Kent who, unlike his employer, has grown up with a chainsaw and has spent time in the forest ever since he was small.
Like most professionals in the field of small-scale wood processing, the Hellgren family run a mixed farm, with other income coming from flea markets, horses and the hiring out of summer cottages. There are also a number of small buildings on the farm that are hired out all year round.
“It doesn’t make us rich, but it is definitely possible to make a living if you work hard,” Janne Hellgren sums up.

Mikael Höglund has built his dream sauna using LOGOSOL’s knives for hot tubs. Instead of lying it down, he let the sauna “barrel” stand on end, and this summer the family could inaugurate the cylinder-shaped sauna on their farm.

Felling trees is a dangerous operation. This is shown in several reports on occupational injuries in the forestry sector. But an accident may occur even if you are only going to fell a tree at home in your garden. The Tree Pusher is the perfect tool, which makes both the woods and your garden safer worksites.

LOGOSOL introduces the PH260 Eco – a unique four-sided planer/molder available in a new price range. The Functions of this machine are suitable for most building projects. PH260 Eco is also an excellent choice if you need a really good machine for making flooring, moldings and paneling for your own consumption.

With the LOGOSOL PH365 you can produce complex profiles in one operation. The five-cutter planer/molder is the large four-sided planer/molder PH360 that has been equipped with a unique fifth cutter. This combination gives you completely new possibilities when it comes to professional woodworking. As accessories, there is a wide range of tools available, such as brushes and sanding rollers for an extra fine surface finish.

Five stars out of five. That was their rating when Wood Magazine tested the Logosol M8 for the February/March 2014 issue.

A cylinder-shaped sauna with elegant armrests and backrests of aspen wood. Mikael Höglund used the “outdoor hot tub” moulding knives from Logosol when building the sauna of his dreams. But instead of laying it down, he let the sauna ”barrel” stand on end. Now the family hopes that it soon will be ready to use, and Mikael sees the project as a prototype of a self-developed product. 

Now it’s here. A stronger and faster electric saw head that makes the Logosol Sawmill even better. The model is launched just in time for the sawing season. After innovative achievements from Logosol’s product developers the machine includes more benefits than components.

A stone's throw from the entertainment metropolis of Blackpool on the English west coast, there is a man who lives for his chainsaws and a Logosol saw. His name is James Shelliker and made the switch to sculpting from his previous job as a park worker.

What is the best way to learn how to use a Logosol Sawmill?
“You watch Logosol’s films and start sawing,” is Kjell Rogström’s answer. He lives in the village Larsarvet just outside Falun in Sweden.

Ove Benjaminsson was one of the first to understand the possibilities of the Logosol Sawmill. He discovered it on the Swedish forestry exhibition Elmia in 1989. Two years later he bought his own sawmill at the same exhibition. The Logosol Sawmill is still in service.

The new Solo Planer/moulder SH410 is not a substitute for the reliable SH230.
It is the first in a new category of joinery machines.
The first machine you need, the first machine in the production flow.

Many people dream of making a living using machinery from Logosol.
Peter Andersson in Vreta Kloster, Östergötland, Sweden, has done just that.
"The important thing is not the machinery but the business concept and sales," he says.

Everyone who saws his or her own timber gets amazed by the same thing: Rough logs turning into smooth boards.
The designer Anton Alvarez captured the magical moment in a bench, which was shown during the London Design Week at the end of September.

Logosol was born in a demanding market and the unique demands they encountered have shaped this innovative company. Logosol is now partnering with an equally successful company in the US to extend their brand in the USA.

Jim Birkmeirer of Timbergreen Farm from Spring Green, Wisconsin recently contacted Logosol about a project he was working on with the Kallari Cooperative in Ecuador.

Recently we heard from one M7 owner who had collected a bunch of logs in anticipation of doing a lot of milling, only not to have time to mill up the logs until 2 years later. Rainer Kern called to tell us what he found when he cut into some hardwoods that had lain in place for several years. We discussed the value of spalted wood, and we sent him some reference material on this kind of wood to help him realize what he had found in these old logs. Here is his story:

Logosol continues to be on the move, designing innovative solutions for planning/moulding challenges.  When the PH360, Logosol’s largest four-sided planer/moulder, was first released, everyone noticed there was an extra button on the control panel of the PH360.  Some people utilized it to control the external chip extractor.   However, now the button’s real function is revealed, it’s to control an optional fifth cutter head.

The Bertilsson brothers outside Marma in Sweden, run a diversified business, to say the least of it.
Among other things, the offer sawing, planing, moulding and computer support.
“We are the modern village smithy, you could say,” says Harry, the oldest of the brothers.

All over Sweden traditional agriculture is being replaced by horse farms.
But a horse farm can be so much more than a place where you live with the horses.
Christian and Therese Sämberg have horses, but their plans are bigger than that.

It is wise to remove the trees that were felled by the strong winds this winter, otherwise there is a danger of insect infestation in the wood.
But how can you easily transport individual trees over logs and rocks?
Logosol has the solution, a smart log skidder trailer for four-wheelers.