The Way to the Soul Is through the Hands


Helge Johansson has worked with people all his adult life. Several times, he has seen what makes life worth living. ”Often, the way to the soul is through the hands,” he says.

More than four years ago, Helge and his wife Elisabeth moved out into the country. They bought a small farm in Tarabo, outside Vårgårda in Sweden. With the farm came 20 acres of forest. ”The widow who owned the farm hadn’t done anything with the forest for 35 years. it was like walking right into a wall,” says Helge, who bought both a brushcutter and a chainsaw. Even though he has worked with his head, he is really handy. The Johansson couple had renovated several houses, so they were no strangers to manual work. But their experience of forestry was limited, or rather none at all.

Manage by yourself

At first, the fruits from the clearing and thinning became firewood. But some of the wood that ended up in the woodpile was of such quality that it should be sawn the other way and become timber. Helge likes working with his hands and was tempted by the idea of sawing the logs into planks and boards.
”I don’t like to be at a loss, but want to manage most things by myself,” he says. After having probed the market, he decided on the LOGOSOL-Norwood band sawmill ML26, the smaller model with electric drive. It is a straightforward and reliable machine, and when the delivary came, expectations were at their peak. Initially, it was installed up in the hayloft in the barn. The firs logs were sawn out of curiosity, then of pure job satisfaction, and only then it was done with an eye to building something of the timber.
The first building project was a saw house of the more elaborate kind. It lacks the traditional loading of logs. It looks more like a big double garage. To the right is the sawmill, firmly bolted to the concrete floor. To the left, there is lots of room for backing the timber carriage in. Helge has made his own log beds, which are placed between the carriage and the sawmill. With them in place, you can just roll on logs on and start sawing.

Party in the saw house

But before the sawmill moved in, a big family party was arranged. It was such a success that family and friends have announced that they would like to have a new party in the same builidng. ”No problem. We push the saw unit to the side and build a table over the rails, says Helge.
Several times, we have written that sawing has a beneficial effect on the soul. But why do you feel so good from sawing? Helge Johansson has worked within the psychiatric field and should know the answer.
”You feel happy about yourself. That’s all there is to it, he answers. So far, he has with pleasure sawn about 100 logs. And it will be more.

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