Inviting wooden flower boxes adorn the entrance of the Logosol store in Sweden. The boxes were made by Helene Sjölander and Michael Nordlander. This model is stackable, which can be useful when your garden is to be cleaned and tidied for the autumn.

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Material: untreated spruce
Timber dimensions: 22×95 cm
Time: approx. one day
Machinery: crosscut and miter saw, SH230 planer/moulder

This is how you build the flower box:
1. We started with cutting the timber with a crosscut and mitre saw.
2. The legs were made bevelled before we nailed the pieces together. (Using screws works just as well.)
3. As cover boards, we used the same planed boards as we used for decoration.
4. The pieces are assembled. The box can be made both wider and higher, according to your preferences.
5. The inside was covered with plastic that was perforated in the bottom.
6. The decoration was machined in the SH230 planer/moulder. The moulding was cut in four equal pieces, which were then cut at 45 degrees angles and then put together.