Logosol’s largest panel planer/moulder with a fth cutter continues to impress the woodworking industry.
”This machine is really unique. We’re talking about advanced woodworking that can be done in a single run for an unbeatable price. There’s nothing like it on the market,” says Frank O. Engan at Logosol Norway.

Before Frank started at Logosol he taught carpentry for many years. Today he’s able to draw on his teaching skills, both as a salesman, course instructor, and demonstrator.

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”It’s important to provide good examples of what can be manufactured by the type of machinery the customer is interested in. That’s a nice way to get a good conversation going,” explains Frank, who receives visitors at the Logosol’s Norwegian showroom in Røra.

The walls in the carpentry showroom are made out of panels in various pro les from di erent varieties of wood. Planers and other joinery machines are all lined up and in the middle of it all the 5-sided planer/moulder reigns supreme. The machine in its basic con guration is a larger version of the 4-sided planer/moulder equipped with a unique fth cutter. The combination provides novel opportunities for professional work.

”The PH365 is perfect when you need large quantities and often carry out planing/moulding work for customer jobs. So far we’ve sold 7 of them in Norway,” says Frank O. Engan, who shows a number of customised pro les along with the experienced woodworker, Olav Sve. After a day spent working with the PH365 in the carpentry shop, they became familiar with the advantages of the 5-sided planer/moulder.

”We were impressed by the machine’s performance,” Frank exclaimed. The result was a number of re ned wooden pro les with deep notches that customers can produce in a single run.

“We were both very impressed by what the machine could do and we exhibit the nished pro les of wood at trade shows and during customer visits,” said Frank.


A 5-sided planer/moulder saves time during planing since complex products can be manufactured in a single run.

”You are able to do complex work on all kinds of wood. Our PH365 customers often receive orders that require custom-made moulding knives, which makes it important to be able to quickly change out various moulding knives in di erent shapes and sizes. The extra fth cutter can rotate 270 degrees. This allows the piece to be worked on from the side, from above, and even partially from below.”

”The performance is unbeatable. It’s a complete mini planer/moulder that provides professional performance,” says Frank.