EcoFence of Dallas, TX produces high quality fence panels for homes in the Dallas area using materials that would otherwise end up at a chipper mill. These fences, made primarily from post industrial materials, are being called “furniture quality” because of the way they fit together and the look that they bring to a neighborhood.

The company is dedicated to being “green” in their product offering and in all aspects of their business. At the heart of this “green” business model is the Logosol PH260.
Ian Hill, Director of EcoFence Panels says he was pleased with the quality of service of the PH260. “We run it over 8 hours per day for over half of the year, so it is definitely suited for constant duty. We actually found this somewhat surprising.”

550,000 linear feet

This quality of service has allowed EcoFence Panels to expand their business, since it is able to handle a heavy non-stop workload. EcoFence Panels can just add a second shift when their business volume increases. Ian estimates that they have put over 550,000 linear feet through the PH260 in the past year. The company is looking for more expansion, as they are expanding sales outside of Dallas, having secured positions in two new markets – Ohio and Austin, Texas. “We have in our budget another PH260 to be added,” said Ian.

Call Ian to be come a partner

Indeed, EcoFence Panels is looking even beyond these two markets in their long range plans. Being at the core, a “green” company, they are looking to replicate their factory in key markets across the United States, perhaps even partnering with key people that are familiar with the equipment they are using in their production. That is good news for PH260 owners, as EcoFence Panels is looking to keep their production “local” to the area in which the fences are being sold, thereby reducing fuel for transit and keeping the materials used local.
Ian encourages our readers who have a PH260 to call him about this possibility, as they are beginning to make plans on how to take this business model he has developed to the rest of the US market.