Logosol has spent the past few years transforming its operations to ensure sustainability for you as a customer. We now have our own sawmill and planer factory in Härnösand, as well as large warehouses to ensure we remain a reliable supplier.

The demand for Logosol sawmills and planers has doubled in the past two years. More and more people are discovering the financial benefits of becoming self-sufficient in terms of processing their own lumber. Many customers are realizing that having their own sawmill is a sound investment. Our quality sawmills pay for themselves with every piece of lumber that is cut.

We design, build and ship your machine from our head office in Härnösand, which further reduces our dependence on foreign supply chains. With our own factory, we can ensure prompt delivery compared to our competitors. We’ve streamlined the products that don’t conform to our strict requirements for quality and availability with the customer in mind. With a focus on just our best products, we continuously make improvements with our design and aim to please our customers.

Your sawmill from Logosol will create value and joy for generations. In a world in which lumber can suddenly run out at the lumber yard, or with fluctuating lumber prices, owning your own sawmill is a smart investment. It helps to secure your access to top-quality lumber now and for the foreseeable future.

Calculate whay you can save from sawing your own timber!

Sawing your own timber is profitable, and if you saw timber for a construction project, you’ll almost always earn back your investment.

You can saw about two cubic metres of mixed timber per day with our F2 and F2+ chain sawmills, and even more with a band sawmill. Expect a saw yield of at least 50%. That means that you will need about four cubic metres of timber per day. It’s difficult to calculate the cost of raw materials because so much depends on how you procure your timber and where you live. In Sweden, you can expect to pay €50 per cubic metre. That gives you a raw material cost of €200.

What it costs to saw two cubic metres of timber largely depends on the volume of timber you saw. As for the service life of a sawmill from Logosol, you can expect it to be around for a very long time. Logosol started its business more than 30 years ago. We’re still in touch with customers who bought their sawmill several decades ago – sawmills that are still operating at full capacity.

In this example, we calculate €50 per cubic metre of sawn timber for depreciation, cutting equipment, oil, petrol or electricity.

Two cubic metres of sawn timber currently costs between €1200 and €1600 per cubic metre at the lumber yards in Sweden (October 2022).

With these figures, you can make the following calculation.
Raw material cost: €200 for 4 cubic metres of timber gives 2 cubic metres of sawn timber.

Other operating costs: €50 x 2 = €100 for 2 cubic metres of sawn timber.

This means that you earn at least €1200-€300 = €900 for one day’s work and 2 cubic metres of high-quality lumber.

Virtually whatever values you insert for operating costs, timber costs and the investment in a sawmill, the results are extremely profitable. This calculation shows that your daily earnings will be impressive. It also appears to yield a profit even if you purchase timber for sawing.

*Footnote: This calculation example is based on prices in Sweden in October 2022.