Almost 15 years ago, Nik Bailey bought a four-sided planer/ moulder PH260 for his family farm in Laytonville, California. Today, he delivers LOGOSOL machines to customers all over the USA, as the CEO of the family business Bailey’s.

Bailey’s is one of the biggest mail-order companies within wood and forestry in the USA:s, and they are a major supplier of LOGOSOL products.

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Handpicked assortment

Nik Bailey runs the family business, which was started in 1975. Even then, the products were handpicked based on own experience. His grandparents came to northen California during the 1950s to work at the sawmills. When Nik was born, his parents were living in a small trailer in Mendocino County, where his father Bill was working as a timber faller.

”We moved to where the there was work. But then my father had an accident. He couldn’t continue working in the woods, but he didn’t want to leave the industry he knew so well,” says Nik.

The accident made Bill Bailey and his wife Judith start a company with supplying foresters with good tools as business concept. Bailey’s sold chainsaws and rugged work clothes, primarily to loggers who would disappear for weeks at a time into the woods to ply their trade. Bailey’s still supplies gear to loggers. The cooperation with LOGOSOL has widened the product range furtther with planer/ moulders and portable sawmills.

Sauna of Redwood

The Bailey family owns a forest estate near Laytonville where Nik tests the products before they are included in the product range. The assembly of machinery includes a four-sided planer/moulder PH260. ”When you have a PH260 you find valuable logs everywhere,” says Nik and mentions his own sauna project as an example.
”It was kind of a unique situation. We had access to some salvaged redwood logs from a nearby property. The logs were probably cut around the turn of the century and were less than perfect, so they were left behind. There were lots of short logs with big knots and broken pieces, and some heart rot. We milled them and then processed them further with the Logosol PH260 moulder,” says Nik.
The short redwood logs became perfect material for a sauna. ”The timber got a completely new value when is was run through the planer/moulder, says Nik, who sees big opportunities when it comes to LOGOSOL’s products in the USA.