”It takes hardly any time at all to saw and the results are good,” says Michael Högdahl, who makes shooting tower construction kits using a bandsaw on a Logosol sawmill. One of the shooting towers is disguised – as a moose!

It all began a few years ago, when Jussi Juselius visited Hassela in his capacity as a representative of a major Finnish company; his purpose being to sell the area’s Plyfa plywood factory. It ended up with he and his wife owning the factory.
”Jussi is very busy whenever we are here, but I wanted to have something to occupy my time in Sweden,” Tuula tells us.

12 ft high moose

At home in Finland she runs a design company and on a visit to Åland, she had seen a moose tower in the shape of a moose. The artist Juha Pykäläinen was of the opinion that normal moose towers looked more like the guard towers in prisoner of war camps. So he came up with a tower in the shape of a 12 ft high moose.
A new company was started up for the project, Älgpasset Hasse AB and Tuula runs the business. Suitable raw materials were available at Plyfa in Hassela, in other words top quality spruce which is turned into plywood.
The residual material is round heartwood which would otherwise be made into chips and used as biofuel. When split, the heartwood instead forms the ideal material for moose towers and hides.

Fast sawmill

Shooting towers and hunting hides are items that are usually put together in the woods. The results reflect this. As time is
becoming an ever more precious resource, the demand for finished products is increasing. This generally means food but should also encompass shooting towers and hunting
hides in construction kits. To start manufacturing products quickly and cheaply, a Logosol sawmill with bandsaw was purchased. It has a single task, to quickly split round heartwood.
”It takes hardly any time at all and the results are good,” says Michael, who has used Logosol machines before.