We have shared a dream with our customers and dealers: to create a complete range of band sawmills, with quality and power as watchwords. We can now offer our customers three different world-class band sawmills,” says Malte Frisk, CEO at Logosol.

Today, Logosol has a complete line-up of band sawmills in the larger class: B751, B751 Pro and B1001. It is a powerful trio of band sawmills with quality in every detail.

”We have used traditional solutions where they are best suited, but also improved and refined the design with innovative solutions that make sawing easy, fun and efficient,” says Malte.

Logosol has quickly become a player to be reckoned with on the world’s band sawmill market. More and more people have chosen to buy a modern and powerful sawmill from Logosol after careful consideration and comparison of competing models. With the capcity to cut logs with a diameter of up to 100 cm, you have now the opportunity to choose between several different models with many motor options and loads of accessories. Recently, Logosol’s founder Bengt-Olov Byström signed band sawmill number 1000.

”During this summer, Logosol will begin delivering hydraulic log handling equipment for B751 Pro and B1001,” says Malte. This makes it possible to fully configure the sawmill to the customer’s needs. Everything from small smart accessories, such as an extra toe board, to sturdy manual log handling or a completely hydraulic feeding.

If the customer’s needs or activities change or develop in the future, there are no problems. You can supplement with accessories later on and invest in increased production capacity when the neeed arises. ”With three really strong players on the world’s band sawmill market, we have seriously got into the game. With all positive respons we have received from customers all over the world, we already feel like a winner,” Malte states. ”Customers who know us at Logosol, know that we are always aiming forward. As our customer, your are part of the journey and in the future you can take advantage of many nice accessories that will lift the band sawmills further.

B751 Band Sawmill
In its standard configuration, the Logosol B751 has a sawing length of 4.8 metres. This sawmill can manage logs of large diameters, up to 75 cm in diameter. With the fixed steps for depth of cut, you can easily set the sawmill to the desired board dimensions, quickly and accurately every time. You get a rigid and extremely functional band sawmill that is best in its class when it comes to sawing.