On her “merch” (T-shirts and sweaters) you find the messages: “Get to it”, “Dirty hands – Clean money” and “Pretty Tough”. Those statements also apply to this high-producing influencer, whom we at Logosol are proud to call one of our ambassadors.

April Wilkerson works hard. She produces on a professional level and radiates a creative joy that is contagious. In 2013 she had never used a power tool. Now, seven years later, she has over a million followers on her YouTube channel.

”My motto is: Everything I can build in my house I build myself,” says April. This has resulted in nearly 250 instruction videos about everything from a chicken coop, an electric guitar, an entertainment centre, a workbench, to a giant band sawmill.

Luckily, she liked the Logosol F2+ so much that she skipped trying to build such a machine. ”I like my home-made band sawmill, but it isn’t portable. Sometimes it is easier to bring the saw to the logs than the logs to the saw,” she says in her video about her first saw cut with the F2+.

Unpacking and assembling were done in the blink of an eye, just like everything else she does. Already in her next Instagram story, she was up and running, filming her first saw cut.

”It is like a dream,” she says with a big smile. In the video, we can watch April sawing Mesquite*. It is a hardwood, but the saw cut through the log quickly. ”The cut becomes incredibly smooth and straight,” she answers a follower on Instagram, who wonders what the saw cut was like.

If we know April right, she will probably use these beautiful boards in a future DIY video. We are eagerly looking forward to following her coming projects with this sawmill.

*Mesquite is a small to medium-sized tree that blooms and bears fruit. It also has long and sharp thorns that make it unwelcome among livestock farmers. The tree only grows in the southeastern USA and Mexico.

F2+ Chain Sawmill
The F2+ is an F2 on steroids! This sawmill is sturdier, heavier and meets the demands of customers who want an extra-robust sawmill for sawing large logs. All essential parts of the sawmill are oversized to stand up to the stress of heavy logs, and to create the space needed for bigger logs, the log beds have been extended with fully 20 cm.