Jonas Sjöberg has had a band sawmill from Logosol for many years and has been an active sawmill owner for quite some time. Jonas, who works in the development department at Volvo in Gothenburg, learned the sawmill basics from his father-in-law at the family farm after he and his wife Gunilla moved there in ’99. The children are on their own so there’s time for projects, and the grandchildren are now the most important of all.

Building greenhouses, greenhouse benches and garden furniture is a strong trend, not least among Logosol’s customers. With a sawmill on the farm, there is never a shortage of building materials and, with more time at home, there are good reasons for fixing up the house and creating pleasant outdoor environments.

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The Sjöberg family never lacks building materials and the latest project is a greenhouse. But it is not just any greenhouse, but a thermodynamic greenhouse with a unique design. Part of the greenhouse is built into a massive stone wall and, in this way, can store solar heat during the day and maintain a higher temperature during the night.

“It works really well and the average temperature is probably 2–3 degrees higher with this solution,” says Jonas. The greenhouse was a nice addition to the stone wall below the ownerbuilt patio. “It feels especially meaningful to build things the whole family benefits from and enjoys,” says Jonas.


You can hear how much Jonas enjoys building and sawing his own lumber, and he constantly has new construction projects underway at home on the farm. He has also expanded his hobby to take on work for others in the area.

“I’ve had time for some outside sawing jobs, and I really appreciate being able to take part in development in the local area and helping out with interesting projects.”

We thank Jonas and his family and are looking forward to seeing even more exciting construction projects.

B751 Band Sawmill
In its standard configuration, the Logosol B751 has a sawing length of 4.8 metres. This sawmill can manage logs of large diameters, up to 75 cm in diameter. With the fixed steps for depth of cut, you can easily set the sawmill to the desired board dimensions, quickly and accurately every time. You get a rigid and extremely functional band sawmill that is best in its class when it comes to sawing.