Logosol keeps strengthening their product development department in Harnosand. The goal is to increase the development of new products and accessories. A strategy that is already showing positive results. Last years biggest news was the B751 bandsaw mill. An in-house made sawmill that received standing ovations when it was presented for customers and distributors in October 2017.

– Our unique knowledge in regards to sawmilling and small scale wood processing gives us the possibilities to create new, revolutionizing products. With new products made in-house we are taking our production to the next level. Our current strategy which we’ve had for the last couple of years is to grow globally with products from Harnosand, says Malte Frisk, CEO at Logosol.


By developing more in-house products Logosol is creating long term stability both for customers and distributors.

– We know we are good at what we do and as the product owners we have much more control over quality, development and warranties. In-house products also give us global growth since all our distributors around the world can sell them. Increased volume will also benefit our customers with lower prices.

During the Logosol World Meeting in October two new products where presented. The B751 bandsaw mill and the new F2 chainsaw mill.

– It was an incredible feeling to show our distributors these new products. 21 countries where represented and it really feels like we are on the right track, both when it comes to product design and functionality.