The Bräck family has numerous projects on the go at the same time, but when everyone helps out, it’s both faster and more fun!

Just outside Gnesta in a large red building located on top of a hill, we meet Peter and Anna-Lena Bräck.
Peter stands by his planer and lifts away some completed mouldings. “I’ve done a lot of planing with my planer, including a lot of tongue and groove boards, some antique moulding and ordinary planed boards.” When he needs to keep the production level high, Peter gets help from the family. Both when there is planing to be done and when the kiln is loaded up.
“I planed 150 metres of antique moulding last Sunday, and probably saved 17-1800 Euros in the process,” says Peter proudly.

Many buildings on the property have been constructed with the family’s own lumber, one of them being the Brewing House. The house interior is covered with wide Aspen boards that Peter has planed using trees from their own land.
“It’s both exciting and wonderful to be able to take advantage of nature’s resources in this way,” says Peter, standing in front of his CH3.
“All these projects and buildings would probably never have been completed if I hadn’t had my sawmill and my CH3 planer. That’s absolutely clear. My planer has paid for itself twice over,” says Peter.


Den hyvlade asppanelen ger ett ljust intryck i keramikverkstaden i Brygghuset, huset rymmer även ett slungrum och ett bryggrum.

The planed Aspen panels create a bright impression in the ceramics workshop in the Brewing House. The building also houses a honey extraction room and a brewing room.

Familjen Bräck använder sin hyvel både vid renoveringar och nybyggnationer på gården i Gnesta.

The Bräck family uses their planer for both renovations and new construction on their farm in Gnesta.

CH3 Multi-Head Planer
The Logosol CH3 Multi-Head Planer is the next-generation planer/moulder, developed and manufactured in Härnösand. The machine is designed to easily produce mouldings, panelling, round rods, and beams for fun projects when you want to renovate your home or build on the farm. This planer is based on 25 years of experience and is very easy to use and simple to own. With its robust and user-friendly design, you get a lot of machine for the money. In addition, it is profitable to produce your own mouldings and panelling, and you can quickly recoup your investment. Thanks to the fact that the CH3 multi-head planer is flexible and fun to use, it is a machine that really comes in handy.
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