The newest wood planer model PH360 impresses in the U.S. Rusty Savant in Louisiana was previously a PH260-owner. Now he has gone for a more industrial machine, and his store has already become known in order to “manage everything”. 

Rusty Savant bought his Logosol PH360 some months ago. When the machine arrived the first task was to plane some finished dried cypress wood extra wide. The timber went through the PH360 and directly out of the truck for delivery to the customer.
– This is the only store in the whole country that can offer material of this kind, he says to WoodworkingProject.
Rusty takes jobs from tree to finished product. He cut down trees, sawing and drying lumber in a kiln he built himself. With the Logosol PH360, the production cycle is completed.
Rusty has been using a PH260 for years and have driven a lot of wood through the machine before he decided to upgrade to a PH360.
– I love this machine, says Rusty. It is much larger and can be adjusted quickly.
Rusty himself says that he is running a “mile a day” in the new machine. He has quickly become known as a store that can “manage everything” and, according to Rusty, the PH360-machine is the reason.