A sky ladder made from wood cut by participants can be an important element when aiming to create a sense of unity and strength in a group. Woodworking Project Magazine paid a visit to a German training company that builds corporate culture with the help of their sawmill!

Team building in wood with the M7 sawmill Training in motion. That is the catch phrase of Germany’s GFT Academy, which offers team building sessions and other opportunities to develop corporate culture. The training programme takes place in the forest and a lot of the equipment used is constructed using an M7 sawmill.

GFT is in Schenkenzell, in south-western Germany, and was essentially founded with a somewhat different aim: the company develops software and works with technical documentation. Their objective is to make client companies operate more smoothly. This goal turns the client’s personnel into a key factor, and that is why they now also offer team building out in the forest.
-We learn most from what we do with our own hands, says CEO Michael Reimold.

The company has access to a large forested area, which is both the right environment for the training sessions and also offers raw materials for everything that needs to be built for all the thrilling experiences in the forest.

They decided to buy a Logosol M7 sawmill. Using this tool they were able to build a log house and different equipment for climbing and riding a zipline through the forest. The major attraction is a long zipline through the forest canopy called the Flying Fox.

The first log house was built together with Logosol, who was hired by GFT to hold a timbering course. According to Michael Reimold, building a log house is a perfect activity for team building.