That authentic wood feeling you only get with hardwood flooring…
Tongue and groove cutting opens up new possibilities for wooden flooring, as shown in Logosol’s approach to making and laying floors.

Last spring Logosol came out with a fence for end milling using the Logosol MF30. This equipment makes it possible to produce thin repair flooring sections in short lengths.
– The fence allows repeatable results on each board, says Logosol product development manager Mattias Byström.

He tested the equipment for a new wood floor when he furnished a children’s room for his newborn daughter Stella and wife Anna . The floor is now in place and glazed white.
The floorboards are made of spruce, 13 mm cut in lengths of 0.5 to 1 metre. The boards are laid following a pattern. The result speaks for itself- the fit is perfect in every direction.
This is the type of hardwood flooring that costs real money, which makes it valuable to be able to produce both for one’s own use and for resale.

There are also logistical advantages. You can sell flooring from stock, in lengths that can be transported in a passenger car. Installation is also simple, almost as easy as a click-in flooring system. Add to this the fact that by using short lengths it becomes possible to manufacture flooring from “scrap wood” and create a pattern. It is now completely possible, for example, to make a floor from apple.

The Logosol fence builds on the fact that the vertical milling machine has a carriage that can be moved laterally. This feature is found on the MF30 vertical milling machine. A fence is bolted onto the carriage where the wood is held fast. A 2×2” guide is set in the fence and on the end of it, a little rack to hold up the wood. For larger dimensions, a side fence is required so that the wood will stay in place properly during milling. With the fences and special milling tools mounted, you can mill two boards at a time. Pieces are held in place with clamps, and it doesn’t take very long to end mill a floor for an entire room.