Now it’s here. A stronger and faster electric saw head that makes the Logosol Sawmill even better. The model is launched just in time for the sawing season. After innovative achievements from Logosol’s product developers the machine includes more benefits than components.

The simplified design gives a reliable machine, in which accessories such as cooling of the chain and bar, chip duct and bar nose steering are included.


The biggest novelty for the user is a tapered, special guide bar, adapted for electric sawing of boards. The unique stability of the guide bar gives a better sawing result with a straighter kerf and a finer sawn surface.
“Since the bar is bigger, the chain also has to be longer and doesn’t need to be sharpened as often as a shorter one. The design is optimized so that the chain always has the right tension around the whole bar. This relieves the nose sprocket and reduces the risk of wear,” Jonas Höglund says.
During operation the lubrication is carried out automatically. A solenoid valve controls the oil flow, which is turned off simultaneously with the saw.
“The first test with the saw took place in minus twenty degrees Celsius, and everything worked perfectly,” Jonas Höglund states.
The electric saw drives the chain at high speed, but yet gently. You can feel this as soon as you start the saw.
“The new technology gives higher efficiency and lower noise level during the sawing operation,” says Jonas Höglund.


With the E8 Speed Saw it also becomes easier to keep the equipment in good condition. The ability to change chain without removing the guide bar is one example of well thought-out features that make the electric saw head easy to work with. In addition, changing the chain can be done without tools.
”The guide bar can stay in place while the chain is changed, and this minimizes the risk of getting sawdust and dirt in the oil passage, which often is the cause of a bar breaking. The transparent sawdust guard helps the machine stay cleaner during operation, which also improves the cooling of the motor,” says Jonas Höglund.
During operation the sawdust is thrown out away from the sawmill, which also helps keep the sawing site clean.


The first model that is launched is automatically advanced by Logosol’s patented feed unit E37, but on the drawing board there is already a follow-up model that will be manually advanced.
“We have improved the electric saw head and made it more efficicient and can now offer our customers an electric powered total solution that makes the Logosol Sawmill even better,” Jonas Höglund concludes.

• Finer sawn surface and straighter kerf
• Lower noise level
• Increased durability
• Integrated accessories
• The chain is changed without tools
• Automatic lubrication
• Sawdust guard
• Environmentally friendly and reliable
• Higher efficiency from the same motor
• Compatible with E37 Friction
• Better control on the guide rail
• Chip duct as standard