The day Dave Barnes in Arkansas unpacked his newly bought planer/ moulder from LOGOSOL, he made $1000. ”We opened the box and immediately started to make money. The first job was to machine a large lot of cedar for the ceiling of a resort,” says Dave, who has increased his sales considerably after the investment in the four-sided planer/moulder PH260.

Dave Barnes runs his sawmill in Arkansas under the name Arkansawyer. With his small-scale business, he fills the void after the large sawmills that once dominated the district. The industries were closed down, one by one, and today it has become more important to find profitability in unique products than to produce large volumes.

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Increased turnover

The four-sided planer/moulder PH260 has become an essential part of the assembly of machinery, which also consists of a small band sawmill. The planer/moulder has increased the turnover, right from day one. ”Our first job was to machine a large lot of cedar. We opened the box and the machine stood on the shipping pallet during the entire job,” says Dave Barnes.

Unique products

Today, the sawmill produces flooring, doors, posts and panelling. There is a growing demand for unique products, which may well show traces of discoloration and wormholes. ”Many customers want something special. Right now, there is a great interest in blue discoloration, that is timber with a bluish defect, which would normally be sorted out. By running such timber through the planer/moulder, I get a very lucrative product,” says Dave Barnes, who has plans to expand. His opinion about the PH260 is clear. Quick installation and resetting have been crucial for profitability. I really appreciate the versatility of this machine. It does a great job at a good price,” says Dave Barnes.