The wooden hot tub is both easy and fun to build, and the result is really impressive. Build an outdoor hot tub for yourself and your family or for selling or hire!

The hot tub looks nice in its simplest design, but if you like, you can spend a lot of time on decorations, wooden deck and other conveniences around your new treasure.

Download free building plan

This handbook describes all steps in detail. Do not let the mass of text scare you off. Building an outdoor hot tub is quite easy; the first time you do it, it will take about 15-25 hours, starting from unprocessed boards. It will take considerable less time if you build more than one, since you then already have everything set up.

The Stove and Mount Kit

Logosol also offers a kit that will make your construction easier. The Stove and Mount Kit (art. no. 7500-000-7000) gives you everything you need to build, except for the timber and the wood screws. The kit includes stove, mounts and accessories.

Moulding Knives for Hot Tub

Logosol provides a full range of moulding knives, cutters, blades, end mills and cutting tools for those who work with wood. If you have a planer/moulder PH260, PH360 or DH410 you can use moulding knives specially designed for building your own hot tub.