The Logosol Sawmill M8 is the new model of the world’s most sold sawmill.
”We collected feedback from Logosol Sawmill owners all over the world,” says the product manager Mattias Byström at Logosol’s headquarters in Sweden.

The customers’ spontaneous reaction was that they are satisfied with their sawmills. After 22 years and seven models the Logosol Sawmill is a well-tried and refined product. But while we were asking, they said they could think of a couple of good features that would be useful to have included from the start.
The result of this was the Logosol Sawmill M8. The darker colour shows that the design has been refined and matured.
M8 is a true Logosol Sawmill. A lightweight and rigid construction of durable aluminium profiles with anodized surface. The sawmill can stand heavy, large-diameter logs. It is surprising that something so lightweight and portable can lift so heavy objects.
With the Logosol Sawmill the logs are raised from ground level, away from dirt, sand and bark. The sawing is done at a comfortable working height. Since the sawmill stands on four stable legs, the Logosol Sawmill does not require as plane and level ground as more ground bound sawmills do.
Accuracy and a high-quality sawn surface are two specialities of the Logosol Sawmill. The measurements are set in fixed steps of 1/4 or 1/8 inch by using winches. The measurements can also be read from visible scales.
For the Logosol Sawmill there is a growing number of accessories available, which creates the perfect sawmill for different uses. It is from this variety of accessories that the inspiration for the new M8 comes.
• Integrated log ramps make it easy to roll up even big logs onto the sawmill. The log ramps can be unhitched from the sawmill when transporting it. The sawmill has stable feet that make it possible to bolt it to the ground.
• The M8 comes partially assembled. Important components are adjusted when manufactured to give highest accuracy.
• Log end rests are integrated at the ends of the guide rail. This gives the highest precision along the whole length of the log, from the first cut to the last.
• A mount for the saw unit’s feed line has replaced the log grip on the guide rail. The log grip is now available as an accessory.
• Sturdy log clamps, adjustable in height in order to give the best angle.
The basic design is the same as for the M7, with the same profile on the guide rail, the same well-tried log beds, and the same ingenious carriage for the saw unit. Due to this, the accessories for the M7 and its precursors can be used also on the M8. One example is the feeding unit E37 Friction, which according to many Logosol Sawmill owners should be the first accessory you purchase. This durable machine makes sawing more comfortable.
Considering the season, it should be pointed out that the Logosol Sawmill, no matter what model, is the perfect winter sawmill.
Snow and ice do not stick to the anodized surface. The sawdust is thrown out away from the sawmill, and if the sawdust heap becomes too big, you just move the sawmill. This is an important quality in the winter, since sawdust acts as a reinforcement and makes the snow hard as stone.
But why should you saw in the winter?
“Dryer timber, less tension in the wood, and a better sawing result. In addition, you are spared from dust in the bark if you fell the trees and handle the logs when there is snow on the ground,” reads the short version of the answer from Mattias Byström.