The new Logosol F2 Farmer´s takes portable chainsaw milling to a new level. – The sawmill has increased quality in every aspect of it’s design and we’ve managed to to keep it light weight with a very short setup time, says Mattias Byström, Product Manager.

The first model of the Farmer´s Mill was launched 2014 when Logosol celebrated 25 years. Now the Model 2 is here with enchanced functions.
– We have found a perfect balance that combines functionality, quality and easy handling, says Mattias Byström.


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Logosol F2 Farmer´s chainsaw mill is made out of strong eloxated aluminium, a material with fantastic characteristics. You get a sawmill that´ll never rust and can handle logs up to 600mm in diameter without any problem.

The construction with a new carriage that is easier to use than it´s predecessor makes the sawmill more flexible and even easier to work with.

A selflocking height adjustment system with clear scales and set measures ensures a very good precision. One advantage is also that the sawmill can be built either with 2 metres between the log lifter or 1 metre depending on the length of the logs.

– This sawmill is incredibly easy to use. Even if you have never done any sawmilling you will quickly get started and produce beautiful planks and boards for your projects, says Mattias Byström.


Logosol has a unique competence when it comes to sawmilling and wood processing. Our customers are found in over 60 countries world wide and all kinds of wood are being processed by our chainsaw mills. Chainsaw milling gives a smooth surface on the wood that is easy treat afterwards.

When it comes to powering these sawmills you can either use a larger chainsaw that has double guide bar bolts and that is over 50cc or use the Logosol electric chainsaws that gives you a little bit more capacity. Log house moulders can also be used. Powered either by an electric motor or by a Stihl MS661 chainsaw.

F2 Chain Sawmill
The Logosol F2 Farmer's chain sawmill is an ultra-portable sawmill, which can easily handle logs that are up to 60 cm in diameter. In addition, it is so lightweight that you can lift and move it by hand. The frame is built of 1-metre sections that fit in the boot of a standard car. In a couple of minutes, you have assembled and set up the sawmill at home in your backyard or out in the woods.