’Slice up your storm-felled logs! It is quickly done, and you retain all the qualities of the wood.’ This advice comes from Logosol’s founder Bengt-Olov Byström, who continues to think on a small scale when it comes to storm-felled trees.

The method of slicing logs into thick, wane-edged boards has several advantages.
‘For the most valuable wood, this method has been used for centuries. Sawn timber can last a lifetime without sustaining damage,’ says Bengt-Olov Byström.

Sawmill from Logosol – part of the solution

Of course, a sawmill from Logosol cannot solve all the problems with storm-felled forest. However, having your own sawmill can be part of the solution. Especially when a storm has only left small amounts of windfalls. More and more people see the advantage of having their own sawmill on the farm for various construction and home renovation projects. In storm-felled forest, there are plenty of timber available.

‘Industrial sawmills cannot receive small amounts of timber. It varies, but usually, anything less than a whole truck of timber logs is uninteresting for an industrial sawmill. Many who contact Logosol think that there is far too little talk about the fact that there are other options, rather than selling the forest at below-market price as pulpwood or saw logs.
‘I agree with them,’ says Bengt-Olov. *It is really profitable to saw up smaller amounts of wood with your own sawmill, when the alternative is to make firewood from the logs or, even worse, leave the logs to rot,’ says Bengt-Olov Byström.

‘If you have your own sawmill and need timber, it is more profitable to take care of at least some of the storm-felled trees yourself. It feels good to saw up logs from your own forest into fine building material for upcoming construction projects,’ says Bengt-Olov.


The storm-felled forest is a dangerous workplace.

Bengt-Olov is careful to point out that storm-felled forests are dangerous workplaces. Much must be taken care of by machines. Unfortunately, far too many accidents have occurred.
‘Only take care of trees that lie freely and are not dangerously uprooted,’ he urges. ‘The safe trees are enough to provide many days of work at your sawmill.’
F2+ Chain Sawmill
The F2+ is an F2 on steroids! This sawmill is sturdier, heavier and meets the demands of customers who want an extra-robust sawmill for sawing large logs. All essential parts of the sawmill are oversized to stand up to the stress of heavy logs, and to create the space needed for bigger logs, the log beds have been extended with fully 20 cm.