LOGOSOL introduces the PH260 Eco – a unique four-sided planer/molder available in a new price range. The Functions of this machine are suitable for most building projects. PH260 Eco is also an excellent choice if you need a really good machine for making flooring, moldings and paneling for your own consumption.

The PH260 is the most sold four-sided planer/molder in the world. The capacity and capabilities of this machine has impressed both large planer mills and choosy professional carpenters. The basic functions, the ability to machine four sides, easy operation, quick mounting and adjustment of knives, and an unbeatable range of molding knives, are all features included in the PH260 Eco.“This model is specifically developed for LOGOSOL customers. We know that the functions of the machine are more than adequate for the majority of the planer/molder customers we have today,” says Malte Frisk, CEO at LOGOSOL.
“Our basic idea is to make a really good machine available to even more people. This is entirely in line with our aspirations to always give our customers’ investments the highest possible value,” says Malte Frisk.