Tormek’s grinding machines and their method for sharpening edge tools have a solid good reputation all over the world.
Here comes their top model in a bespoke version made for Logosol’s customers.
Tormek has designed an ingenious system of jigs for achieving perfect results when sharpening all kinds of edge tools, no matter if it is scissors, knives, kitchen knives, gouges, or planing knives.
The sharpening is done in two steps. First the tool is sharpened on a water-cooled grindstone, then the edge is honed razor sharp on a leather honing-wheel. Due to the replaceable jigs the edge angle becomes perfect for every purpose.
Tormek has developed special jigs for planer/moulders and joinery machines. There is one jig for planing knives and one for moulding knives.
There are several Logosol customers who sharpen their planing and moulding knives with excellent result using a Tormek grinder and the special jigs. There is no doubt that Tormek’s machines, jigs and method give a first-class result.
Now comes the top model T-7 in a Logosol version. It is a strong and well-tried grinder. The Logosol Edition is coated in Logosol’s grey colour.
But the point of buying it in this design is that it comes with everything you need for getting a successful result.
• The grindstone is the Tormek Blackstone Silicon, developed to sharpen tools of HSS and other kinds of high-alloy steel. This stone is normally an accessory, but now it is included from the start. It is the right stone for sharpening knives for planer/moulders and joinery machines.
• Jigs for planing knives, moulding knives, chisels and blades for planes are included.
• Stone grader, truing tool for the stone, AngleMaster (measures the angle of the edge), honing compound and a handbook of 160 pages are included.
This is a grinder that you will find useful in all stages of life. It can handle everything from scissors to axes – everything that you want to be sharp.