There were standing ovations and cheering when Logosol presented a new, in-house made bandsaw mill in October 2017. In the audience there were distributors from 22 countries. – This launch was a greater success than we could have ever wished for. Our distributors could instantly verify that we´ve done a great job, both in design and functionality, says Bengt-Olov Byström, Founder and Chairman of Logosol.

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Logosol has developed chainsaw mills for almost three decades. Now the company is launching a new, in-house made bandsaw mill. The build is groundbreaking with several patented and trademarked details.
– We have used well tested solutions from other bandsaw mills and added solutions from the experience we have in regards to sawmilling, says Mattias Byström, Product Director.


The new bandsaw was launched in October 2017. In the audience there were distributors from 22 countries.
– After selling bandsaw mills from other manufacturers for many years we are now taking the next step and launching our own bandsaw mill with a focus on user friendliness and capacity. The design is as revolutionizing as the Logosol chainsaw mill was when it was presented in 1989, says Malte Frisk, CEO.
Product Director Mattias Byström presented the well thought out functions for the distributors.
– The simplified height adjustment of the sawhead is the best on the market. It has a clear heritage from the chain sawmills and a lot of customers will recognize this solution with set steps for the height adjustment.
Sawing with set steps for the height adjustment makes it easier to cut planks and boards in the exact dimensions every time. One turn with the crank is always 1” and one extra step compensates for the kerf of the sawblade. The scale also has a last cut indicator so you have a reference before taking the next one.


– The new functions save a lot of time. With set steps for the height adjustment you get the precise dimensions that you need on the boards, as well as being fast and exact every time, says Mattias Byström.
The design has several patented and trademarked details. The log clamps secures the log against the log rests with great force and without damaging the wood. The bandwheels are combined fan wheels that blows out the sawdust from the working area and prevents sawdust build up inside the cover, which makes it easier to change blades and service the machine.
– The product development at Logosol in Härnösand has been intensive. The result is a really well made bandsaw mill that is stabile, with a high quality design and cuts incredibly well, says Mattias Byström.

F2 Chain Sawmill
The Logosol F2 Farmer's chain sawmill is an ultra-portable sawmill, which can easily handle logs that are up to 60 cm in diameter. In addition, it is so lightweight that you can lift and move it by hand. The frame is built of 1-metre sections that fit in the boot of a standard car. In a couple of minutes, you have assembled and set up the sawmill at home in your backyard or out in the woods.
B751 Band Sawmill
In its standard configuration, the Logosol B751 has a sawing length of 4.8 metres. This sawmill can manage logs of large diameters, up to 75 cm in diameter. With the fixed steps for depth of cut, you can easily set the sawmill to the desired board dimensions, quickly and accurately every time. You get a rigid and extremely functional band sawmill that is best in its class when it comes to sawing.