The new Solo Planer/moulder SH410 is not a substitute for the reliable SH230.
It is the first in a new category of joinery machines.
The first machine you need, the first machine in the production flow.

SH410 works as its forerunner. It has an upper cutter head for planing or moulding knives, and a circular sawblade. It planes and saws in one pass.
The forerunner, SH230 was the first machine in its class. A tool perfect for dimensioning and moulding construction timber, the resaw’s superior.
“SH230 was designed for outdoor use. It is rustproof, easy to move, and it is extremely easy to fit knives in,” says Logosol’s product manager Mattias Byström.
The unique combination cutter head and circular sawblade also serves its purpose in a professional joiner’s shop.
When working in the joiner’s shop, the first step is to dimension the material. The higher the accuracy is in this first step, the easier the next steps become.


Better resaw/planer/moulder is hard to find. That is why Logosol developed SH410 with the emphasis on joinery.
The newcomer is a sturdy machine with a cast-iron table with accurate settings. The measurements are set by using a crank, which raises or lowers the table on the same type of trapezoidal bars that Logosol’s larger planer/moulders are equipped with.
SH410 is a solid and accurate machine, also made for timber of larger dimensions. Maximum resawing height is 75 mm. In addition, the circular saw blade can be pushed aside, which opens the machine for really large material. The maximum dimensions are 410 x 250 millimetres.
The ability to resaw, plane and mould makes SH410 the perfect machine for making glulam. In one step
the gills are planed and sawn. After gluing, boards in widths of up to 410 mm are planed. SH410 is also available with adjustable feeding up to 12 metres a minute.
The original Solo Planer/moulder continues to be produced. It is still a unique and affordable machine.