After investing in a sawmill the couple bought a Soloplaner. “A sawmill without a planer, it’s like a computer without a printer,” says Ronny Karlsson.

At home he has a portable sawmill and a Logosol SH230, also called the Soloplaner. The Soloplaner has many possibilities, it squares, resaws, planes and molds in one single operation. In a small workshop the machine saves time, and recently it replaced the resaw.
“I put it away in a corner. The Soloplaner is much better, giving the timber the right dimensions,” says Ronny.
When Logosol invited to open house in Sweden, Ronny and his wife Christina visited. They wanted to get tips on how to develop their woodworking, but also look for other machines.
“What we have works fine, but you never know,”says Peter as he looks around.
The couple has already helped their three sons with timber for different woodworking projects.
Finally, an explanation of the metaphor of the computer and printer. For Ronny and others, rough sawn timber are much like a picture on the computer screen. It is nice to look at, but difficult to use. First when the image is printed and the wood is planed, the product is ready to use!