Just in time for the planing season, Logosol introduces a completely new machine, which combines simplicity with larger size. To those who are already acquainted with the Logosol range of products this is a long-awaited big brother to the popular Logosol SH230, that was introduced more than ten years ago.

‘This planer is perfect for bigger projects and for all types of woodworking workshops with high standards. In the upper cutter head, SH410 can take knives that protrude 20 mm or 13/16’’, just like Logosol’s largest planer PH360. At the same time, many unique features have been developed and become even better,’ says Mattias Byström, Product Manager at Logosol’s headquarters in Sweden.

High Capacity

Today, the forerunner SH230 is much appreciated by woodworkers and sawmill owners all over the world. The possibility of resawing and moulding in one single operation has solved a lot of problems and saved many working hours. In the successor, the sawing and planing functions have been further improved. On top of that, the machine can still be used as a resaw.

Still a Safe Resaw

’When we introduced SH230 ten years ago, it attracted much attention from the building trade. This was mostly due to the fact that it eliminates the operation that causes most serious hand injuries at construction sites, namely the use of a resaw. When using SH230, the workpiece is quickly and safely fed through the machine and is with accuracy resawn into the set dimensions. This also applies to the new SH410,’ Mattias Byström continues.

Quarter Rounds from Boards

One of the main advantages of this planing machine is that you can resaw, square, plane and mould at the same time.
‘Examples of products you can make in one single operation are quarter rounds, floor decking and some mouldings. More advanced mouldings like panelling or crown mouldings can require two or more goes through the machine. You can even produce wide floor boards with tongue and groove,’ says Mattias Byström.

Professionally Sturdy

Like all planers from Logosol, the new machine is built around a sturdy cast iron table to ensure accurate resawing and a perfect planing result.
‘The machine is ready to use straight away, but can be adjusted as required with the help of a number of accessories. Don’t forget to look through our Moulding Knives Catalogue. There we have hundreds of moulding knives to choose from,’ Mattias states.